Please find below a small selection of feedback from our valued users:

“I love the ease of use, especially the intuitive search features. We'll definitely be using and will be passing the link on to friends and family”
Marieta - London, England

“This is a top website to come to look for a new house. I like the look and the layout and it is fresh and easy. Probably better than Findaproperty and Rightmove because it is straightforward and not jumbled up. It works well when you need to go back to a house you've seen before and the shortlist is very useful too. I liked the map at the beginning and how you could move it around. But the best bit was how clean and easy it is. This would be the first website I try.”
Pedro - Clapham, England

“I do use other sites like Rightmove but I think Propertini has more listings in their search results.”
Alex - Hertford, England

“Where did this come from? We've been looking for a new house for about a year and never seen this before. You need to market yourselves better because this is the most useful search site. You've done a brilliant job building it and now you need to advertise it.”
James - Fife, Scotland

“Love it. Saved in my favourites.”
Amanda - Guildford, England

“Wow, I can't remember the last time I saw a website without adverts. Soooo refreshing.”
Pat - Canterbury, England

“The searching using the map is intuitive and the presentation of the results is great for scanning and spotting what you're looking for. It's a terrific site and good luck to you.”
Eoin - County Down, Northern Ireland

“In the US we have Zillow and Propertini is better visually and the usability. I got plenty of homes to choose from and the process of connecting to your realtors was fast. Exactly what you need.”
Akilesh - Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

“Propertini seems to offer a lot of properties and finding and looking through them all seemed easy and intuitive. I liked how clean it felt and I think it's going to be very popular.”
Daniel - St Andrews, Scotland

“It ticks all the boxes for me and found me what I was looking for.”
Danila - Loughborough, England

“I really like the way you can collect the flats that you like in a shortlist and then save them or send them to yourself. It just feels solid and reliable. I really like it.”
Arnie - Manchester, England

“The website provides a very tangible view for the users to see what they like - especially the map view which shows exactly what I am interested in. I recommend this to my other friends so they can explore it too.”
Julie - Heilongjiang, China

“I think it's a cool website and if someday I want to search for a new home this will be the first website I choose.”
Shirley - Heilongjiang, China

“User friendly, helpful and lots housing options - highly recommended.”
Amanda - Sydney, Australia

“Propertini has lots of choice and is easy to use with lots of relevant information. If I could buy a house, I'd use this website.”
Vicki - Devon, England

“I'm an estate agent and when I was helping my sister to find a property we used Propertini more than any other site because I think they have the best coverage.”
Lewis - Bucks, England

“This is a lovely and useful website! I found all types of housing in the town I selected. Highly recommend it to students and anyone who are having a short or long stay in UK!”
Florence - Hong Kong

“Thanks for inviting me to trial Propertini. It's going to be very successful - all over the world. It will be the site I recommend my friends. Good luck.”
Irina - Moscow, Russian Federation

“I like the spacious, uncluttered user interface. It's just beautiful.”
San - Hong Kong

“Using the map to search is really fast and simple - makes the often painful flat-hunting a lot easier.”
Sam - Westminster, England

“Propertini has a simple, easy to use interface, so I can easily and accurately find housing options that match my budget. I never thought buying or renting a house could be so simple!”
Miss Chan - Hong Kong