Press Releases

The Corporate Communications team issues regular press releases, in addition to responding to all media enquiries, and works with a broad spectrum of local, regional, national and international media and specialist journals. Where possible, press releases will be distributed with relevant images or photocalls, to help illustrate a story for print journalists. The Press Office channels all media calls, including broadcast, interview and photography requests, and can put writers, researchers and film crews in touch with experts on a range of subjects. Corporate Communications will arrange and facilitate any resulting interviews or filming.

Please find a selection of our latest press releases below:

February 3 2015 - Changing patterns in Oligarch property investment - PDF Download
November 26 2014 - Bricks, shares or gold bars? The Omega Measure: A better approach to measure investment efficacy - PDF Download
June 17 2014 - Pre-referendum jitters may impact Scottish property sales - PDF Download
February 26 2014 - Maths phenomenon explains why one-third of house prices begin with 1 - PDF Download
January 31 2014 - Feng shui master warns against real estate investment ahead of Lunar New Year - PDF Download
January 30 2014 - Chinese get engaged in UK property search before New Year of the Horse - PDF Download
October 1 2013 - UK launch announcement - PDF Download