About Propertini

Propertini is a global real estate search engine operated by Propertini LLC that helps users search, select and share residential real estate worldwide. Propertini LLC bases all of its operating decisions on a core set of principles which informs everything we do.

The 7 Principles of Propertini

1. All aspects of our service must prioritize the person searching for a property.

2. Users must be able to search from the most complete set of listings possible.

3. Search should be as accurate as possible.

4. Search must be quick and intelligent.

5. The search and selection process must be instinctive.

6. Support must be given to the development of richer and higher content quality standards.

7. Any business model must be congruent with serving our users.

What Our Principles Will Mean

1. This is the cornerstone of everything we build on and the parent of all of our other principles.

2. Nobody wants to search from an incomplete or out-of-date set of properties. To provide a complete set of valid listings we must not place any barriers before the real estate profession. These barriers include financial charges and obtuse user interfaces:-
i) We cannot charge real estate professionals for indexing their properties. If we charge professional agents it will damage the comprehensive real estate database which we offer.
ii) We must make the process of publishing listings as friction-free as possible and seek to minimize any other technical burden on the real estate professional.

3. We will use geo-coding and any superior technology that should emerge to index all properties accurately. This system will be significantly more precise than using post-code or zip-code addressing. We shall implement feedback loops to ensure that the data we gathered is accurate and remains so.

4. Propertini must support users to obtain valid results in less time, with fewer clicks than any other service. The Propertini platform will incorporate an artificial intelligence engine to learn what users are searching for on a deeper level. These techniques will be superseded with new developments and technologies. This must get better and better, improving the accuracy and relevancy of search results through user interaction.

5. If the search process is easy and intuitive then users will explore deeper and wider. This will build a more informed foundation on which our users make better decisions.

6. Two actionable consequences of this principle are:-
i) Users need more and better information. To these ends, Propertini must support the development and the use of high quality images, video, 360-degree visualizations and other emerging media. We must also strive to improve the quality of property data, area statistics, descriptive narratives and the presentation of such throughout the industry.
ii) Any promotional or marketing work we undertake must satisfy our principles.

7. Advertising must not distract or encumber our users during the search process. Therefore traditional advertising would be against the interests of the people who we seek to serve. We need advertisers to complement our search. Our platform and search path must therefore require advertisers to produce content which is valuable to our users in their actual real estate search. The advert should be relevant to their current task and be welcomed. This way we can enrich and nourish the search process rather than damaging it. Adverts with contextual content, specifically relevant to the user search, which would provide some utility to support the task of choosing a property will be welcomed.

Find out more about Propertini LLC at: Wikipedia, Bloomberg, CrunchBase or via our social media profiles.