Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Propertini?

Propertini is a global real estate search engine that helps users search, select and share residential real estate information.

Why is Propertini a search engine?

Our objective is to provide the best and most comprehensive real estate search results. Our results are unbiased and determined by user preference rather than marketer preference.

How much would listing with Propertini cost professional real estate businesses?

There is no charge to appear in our search results. We cannot charge you since our mission is to help our users find you and the real estate you are selling. We need to provide the complete set of real estate for our users to choose from. If we were to charge the real estate industry then some proportion would not include their properties and our users may not find the home they are looking for. Just imagine buying a home and afterwards finding a better one which had not appeared in our search results. We must offer zero latency from both a financial and time cost for the real estate profession.

Why would a real estate business want their listing to be found in Propertiniís search results?

Vendors want their homes to be included within our search results to maximize their market exposure and ensure their potential value is achieved.

How can I sell my home through Propertini

Given there is no cost, you should expect your professional marketing agent to be including your property details in our database as a matter of course. If this isnít the case, you ought to suggest they do (it is quick and easy). If a real estate business does have a reason not to include a listing in our database then we could appreciate if you could tell us why.

How will Propertini be sustained?

Advertisements should enhance the search process but not disturb it. We aim to provide a platform for third party advertisers to produce advertisements that will nourish and reinforce their search for a home. Adverts that are welcomed by virtue of their utility will support the search process and help our users. For example, a supermarket may purchase the right to inform users that a particular property is only 200 metres away from their supermarket which entitles free delivery within this area. This type of information, found within the property details, will be beneficial for our users.

How will Propertini expand its user-base?

We will grow our user base through the quality of our search. Quite simply we will grow because we deliver what our users require.

How will Propertini appear in the media?

Our mission is to serve those looking for real estate. During the times they are looking for real estate they consume more real estate news. We must therefore support their learning and research by supplying writers, journalists and correspondents with data to support their coverage of the sector for our users. We also help our users find this content through our social media channels. Further to this we are active on the major social networks because we need to continuously ensure that we are providing the right type of service for our users.

What if I have any more questions?

Please contact us.